Sunday, November 27, 2005

I go tomorrow to talk to the pediatric cardiologist about the "probable course of action" with Donovan. I realize they aren't going to be able to give me anything concrete until he's born and he's had his ECG and possibly a cardiac catheterization - but I'm hoping I'll feel a little better being able to put faces with names and shake the hands that I'm trusting to save my son's life. There are only 10 days now. A month ago it seemed like I had forever to go, now suddenly it's going so fast.

Tuesday it's back to my regular doctor for my weekly poke-n-prod. I'm glad I have a little bit of knowledge and the nosiness to ask about things when I'm in doubt. The new doctor wants to make me redo all these tests and stuff that I've already done with my other doctor. I've saved myself all sorts of torture by being able to say, "I've already had that test!"

We haven't told the kids yet - we just didn't see any reason to make them worry and be afraid and helpless for weeks like we we do. I just don't know when we will tell them. Before he's born or after? I don't know. Probably after when there's something more solid to tell them. It all gets so complicated and touchy, and there just aren't any good answers.

And I've got to get over this cold or whatever it is I have, or I won't even be able to hold him when he's born.

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