Saturday, December 03, 2005

Well Scotty told you the biggest part of what we know so far, except he forgot to tell you that he's gorgeous, at least, I think so - I only saw him for a second before they ran off with him. They released me this morning so I can go see him in Charlotte, and he's doing very well so far, which is normal for the first 36 - 48 hours. We're hoping he continues to do this well after that. He'll have his heart cath on Mon or Tues, then they'll decide when to do the surgery. They originally said within the first 10 days, but now they're saying that they may wait several weeks till he's bigger and stronger.

He's on prostiglandin (sp?) for now, to keep his heart working the way it is. That sometimes create breathing prblems, and then they have to put them on a respirator - so far Donovan hasn't had any of those problems, and isn't on the respirator, which is excellent.

We won't really know anything more until after his cath, and I will be there as much as possible. I'll take the laptop and hunt for wireless web to tap into , but I can't guarantee anything, so I'll let you guys in on what's going on whenever I can.

Me? I'm good, too busy to hurt, or to freak out, know what I mean?

One note on labor and delivery: "Epidural" is my new favorite word! Good lord I wish I'd have had one with all the kids!

I'm of to see Nova now! Love yas

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