Monday, February 20, 2006

12 hours and counting, and I'm driving myself insane with the countdown.

Here's the deal, we leave here at 4am and we'll be at the hospital non-stop until sometime Wednesday afternoon. Don't freak out about there being no news tomorrow, we won't even know anything until something like 5-ish (at least) tomorrow evening, when he comes out of surgery - and even then, everything is so touch and go for the first 48 hours that I won't be able to tell you anything even if I do find a pc with internet up there. If I told you anything at all, it would be likely to change before I had the chance to even hit "post." The only way I'll be able to give any concrete info imediately is if things go wrong. So no news is good news, ok?

I'll try to keep this thing updated as much as I can - I think there might be a computer in the 'family library' on the 7th floor (children's hospital), but I don't know if there's internet or not. If there isn't, you'll have to wait till I get home, and I don't even know when I'll be back here - definitely not tomorrow.

Heh, my landlord stopped by. He's such a son of a bitch. When we moved in here, he asked us to leave the utilities in his name (everything is on one bill except the electricity) so that he wouldn't have to pay a deposit and have it all turned back on if/when we ever moved out. It was cool with us at the time because it meant we didn't have to pay a deposit, or wait for anything to be connected.

Well the bill came in last week and today the landlord stops by and tells me that if we don't have it paid by Friday, he's evicting us. We aren't behind on the rent, hell, we've been ahead actually...

Just what I need - more shit to worry about right now, since under the circumstances, I can't guarantee him that I'll be paying it this week. He's such a son of a bitch.

Congenital Heart Defect

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Donovan "Nova" LeClair

Monroe, North Carolina
Nova was our second child to be born with congenital heart defects. We lost our daughter at 12 days after open heart surgery in 2001. Nova was born 12/2/05, with Pulmonary Atresia with VSD. He lived 6 weeks after surgery, and passed away on April 6th, 2006. This blog is his story, and the on-going story of how our family is dealing with the loss of our beautiful boy.
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