Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day: Hearts pierced by arrows, chubby cheeked angels. Ugh. It really is all about perspective isn't it? All about how you look at it.

So here he is - he giggles now, like it just bubbles up out of him. He's talking too, I mean, coo-ing or whatever you want to call it. It was so funny when he first started because he didn't quite have control over what came out, so he'd go to 'talk' and he'd let out this scream/cry noise and scare himself, then he'd really start crying. It was so funny. But he's got it under control now, and tells all sorts of stories. He's so adorable. He's started sleeping a good 5 - 6 hours a night So it isn't through the night, but it's close enough.
He slept till 9 this morning. So did Terra. Nova adores Terra, and it's a mutual feeling. She reads him stories, and talks to him. Luckily clothes are optional for story time around here. Sometimes she reads near-on naked, sometimes she reads fully dressed. FULLY dressed, winter hat and all.
Actually, this is a picture from our snow day - all 3 hours that it was on the ground.
Hell, it melted so fast she barely had time to be out in it. We had a pediatrician's appointment that day, and Scott let her play in the grass outside the doctor's office while I was in getting Nova's shots. Five shots - why can't they combine them or spread them out or something?
This picture is of Nova and Grandma's arm. Grandma is even more camera shy than I am, and this is more of her than anyone has been able to capture on film for decades.
Don't even think about telling her that I got this one... She'd have an absolute FIT! Not only do I have a picture of her (ok - a picture of the back of her head, but still...) but now I'm posting it on the internet! Yeah, MY mother - on the internet!


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