Monday, April 03, 2006

So this morning I called the hospital and asked again about the yeast culture and the confusion about the positive/negative results that the nurse told me about yesterday. Apparently, the nurse during the day was wrong. There have been no negative culture results. He still has the yeast infection.

I don't know why she told us that yesterday, it isn't as though we were even asking about it, she just volunteered the information out of the blue. I'm pissed off and disappointed, and I feel like an ass because I told Dr. Watts that it had come back negative, and it wasn't.

Now we're back to worrying about having to remove the Broviac, which can't be done until they can get another line in. He hasn't done well with keeping an IV, and getting rid of the Broviac is a major deal because of that. And of course, there's still the concern about where the yeast may be colonizing, or where it may start colonizing, such as in his heart...

Anyway, Dianne said he's tolerating the tube feeds well, and they hope to have him off of the IV nutrition (it's called TPN) by 8 o'clock tonight. They're taking him back to do another CT scan to check the blood clots in his Vena Cava, and as always, running more cultures.

I'm so upset about the yeast infection, and the nurse telling me something that wasn't so. I can't even put into words how angry and confused and frustrated I am about it.

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