Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Man, what a day it was. They called for him at ten, but didn't start till nearly noon, then they told us 4 - 5 hours, but only took like 1 1/2. We thought they started, we thought they'd be half done, then they had just started, then it was hours to go, then -poof- all of a sudden they were done.

This morning, I was cussing people (under my breath of course, mostly... but that's a different post all together.) This afternoon I was skipping down the hospital hall.

They told us we'd get to see him somewhere around 2:15 or so, but we didn't actually get to see him until nearly 4. And frankly, he looked like hell. He has a black eye, blood in his urine, and he's swollen again (which is what caused the black eye) but he's beautiful. Every mother falls in love with their baby at birth, I just keep falling in love with him. He's beautiful, even when he looks like he lost a fight with Mike Tyson. I am reminded (all too often) to appreciate every minute with him.

Anyway, the urine in the blood is because of the high doses of blood thinners he was on last night, but nothing to be concerned about, the swelling is normal, the black eye is because of the swelling and the position he was in during the procedure, as the swelling began. Nothing to be overly concerned about at all.

Here's his "Nova" hat, on his pretty little head, at 4pm. If you look really hard you can tell that his left eye is black, and swollen shut. Looks like he went 13 rounds with Dr. "Magic Fingers" Stern... but hey, he won ;)

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