Sunday, April 02, 2006


So the day nurse (whose name escapes me right now) said the yeast culture was negative, that they'd run another culture to make sure it was a true negative, not some weird false result. OK, great - but I didn't ask WHEN they'd run the second culture. So at 8pm I asked the night nurse, Vivian - and she said that the she hadn't seen any negative result on the yeast, that the paperwork she had still said positive! But the paper she showed me was from 3/31, so I'm thinking she wasn't looking at the most recent results.

That better be the deal, because I'm going to be highly pissed if there was never a negative result!

Anyway, yeast aside, he looks great! Everything is still going in the right direction, and there's every indication that we're on a positive trend. Thank God, I mean, he's been through enough already!

I had the audacity to ask today if they thought maybe he'd be home for his 5-month "birthday" and I was told that maybe I should shoot for celebrating that in PICU or in his own room, and maybe he'd hit 6 months at home...

So, basically, another month. Sheesh!
OK, I know, I know, but I'm feeling impatient today! Tomorrow is the 6week mark!

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