Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not much to add lately. No new donations to the Walk, so there's nothing to update there. Guess this is what you call "hitting a plateau" eh? I went yesterday morning (at 8am, still crosseyed and 1/2 asleep) to meet with the AHA representative. She gave us some pointers and some posters to hang around to help us raise more funds. She gave us a prize for raising at least $300 on the website. It was a CD case, pretty cool, even though we'll never use it. Our CDs never end up getting put away. I find them all over. Anyway, I'm hoping that we can get the posters up and get things going again.

While we were with her, she told us that she uses my donations page as an example when she meets with Team Captains to teach them how to personalize and use the website. So lots of people are getting to see his beautiful little face, and hear some about his story. Very cool, makes me smile.

I don't remember if I posted about it yet, but I heard from one of Nova's nurses the other day. Seems I was misinformed about the CVRU staff having a team in the walk. She says they want to participate with our team, but haven't decided exactly how they're going to do it yet. They discuss it at their weekly staff meetings, and they all call it "The Nova Walk."

Nine days short of three months since he died, and his name is still floating around CVRU, his page is being used as an example for hundreds of people through the AHA, people are still being touched by him. He continues to change the world, on person at a time. He keeps finding people to work through in order to fulfill his purpose in life. I can't wait to see the final donations total, and imagine all the babies and children who will recieve the benefits of the funding and awareness that his story has inspired and made possible.

These are the things I think of on the bad days that are so hard to get through. My son may be gone, but his name, and his legacy, live on and that means a lot to me. That's exactly what motivated me to get involved in this heart walk in the first place, and why I'm so committed to meeting my ever rising goal. It's why it touches me so deeply when a donation comes in, and why I take it so personally when they don't.

So, on non-fundraising matters...
I've been checking on Logan. Seems like he's doing pretty well, which I'm really glad to hear. They've been in my thoughts all day. Each of you with Heart Babies are whenever your child is going through anything. Sometimes I just suck at saying anything. Sometimes I'm afraid to say any thing for fear of saying the wrong thing. I worry that my comments are colored by my own experience, and that I'll inadvertantly say something horrible. I hope if I ever do, that you'll forgive me!

I've added another list of links in the sidebar called "Forever Young. It's links to memorial sites for CHD babies that have passed away. I felt like it was important to add them, so that grieving parents that found their way here could read those stories and understand that there are others who are dealing with the same experiences and emotions as they are.

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