Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day is done and I'm glad. Men handle things better than women I think. Well, they handle things in a less dramatic way anyway. I handled Mother's Day poorly, me being female and Mother's Day so soon after his death, well... I didn't do nearly as well as Scotty did today. Of course, he didn't make barbequed ribs or marble cake for me...

The donations total, as you can see up there, is at $1545... $1575 for the team. That stupid refrigerator finally sold today. Yes, I've had it sitting in my yard plugged in and running for a week. I got $50 for it, and I donated it to the Heart Walk. I also got another $25 donation this morning, only $455.00 to go to meet the revised goal. Looks like I'll have to raise it again before long.

I still have a microwave to sell, I think I'll put it on the Swap Shop and the end tables too, though I all but give up on getting rid of those end tables. I doubt I could bribe anyone into taking them, they're right ugly. They're the epitomy of 'Country' ... heavy as hell, sturdy enough to hold the truck up while you change the tire, - light pine, 2x4 construction, not hand built, but they could almost pass for it. If I say "chunky" does that give you an idea? Who knows maybe someone will want them.

I thought for a minute that I might put a link up for the tshirts I've designed too, let folks order them and put the profit to the Walk, but I can't decide wheter to or not. I'd have to redesign the shirt (as it is right now, it's sort of half-finished because none of the other CHD parents have joined yet, so I haven't been able to add the babies/children's names like I'd originally planned.) Plus, I can't decide whether it would be a waste of a large amount of money... I mean, if someone is willing to part with $25, would it be better to have a $25 donation, or to have a $5 donation, and someone wearing the tshirt out there, raising awareness? Would the shirt actually get worn often enough to do any good? Know what I mean?

I finally have that meeting set up with the AHA Rep. We meet at 8am Monday morning. Her emails have been pretty funny, I think we'll hit it off just great. I still have no idea what she has to offer in the way of information, but hey, I get to go out for coffee without the kids Monday morning! Wooo Hooo!

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