Friday, June 16, 2006

I haven't been able to get a hold of the woman at the local chapter of the AHA that called last Friday, despite calling her on a daily basis. Seems her job is to go out and meet with participants, or, meet with someone anyway, and she's never actually in the office.

This morning I received an email from her. Professional, but sweet. She's obviously read Nova's story to some degree. Anyway, I've emailed her back, so there's finally been "contact!"

I still don't know if/when we'll be meeting, but if she can offer extra help or advice on how to raise more funds (considering that all the other "successful" teams have company sponsors, and I'm up there with them) than I'll welcome the help.

Did I ever say that I did eventually actually send that mail out to Dr. Watts? It went out yesterday. I'm still nervous and feeling funny about doing it, but I keep reminding myself that the worst that can happen is nothing. Except that he might think I'm a total cad for asking of course... I'll let you guys know if/what/when he donates. If he does, I will be extremely happy. Having his support, even if he only donates $5, will be a huge morale booster, and a definite kick in the butt to do more and better things. I love him... Have I said how much I love him? haha. Yeah, I thought so. The Dr. Watts Shrine of Sainthood is nearly complete, services will be held weekly... No not really, I'm kidding, but just barely!

We recieved another donation from one of Scott's customers yesterday. I love that they're being supportive of him. I knew they would. They're good people, and Scott's lucky to have customers like them.

Can I admit something here? I NEVER took part in fundraisers, even in school (remember the candy sales? UGH!) I never participated because I thought I sucked at it. Back then I did, I was painfully shy and insecure. Now, well, I'm grown up, twice transformed, and a mother on a mission. I've surprised myself, people have surprised me... as a friend of mine said, you've all reaffirmed my faith in humanity, so thanks for that. I just hope I can do your generosity justice and continue to keep the momentum in Nova's name.

I never dreamed his tiny little arms would ever be able to stretch across the country and touch so many people. I'm so proud. Not of myself, I'm just a... well, as much as I hate to put it this way, I'm just a tool. I'm proud of him, and of people who are moved by him and his story.

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