Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well, you can see that the donations have pretty well hit a plateau. I've only received one donation in the last couple of weeks. So I've devised a plan. I know that most of you only read here, and not at my main blog, and this makes more sense over there, as it's a poetry blog, but I'm going to post about it here too.

A little over a year ago, I was approached by a small press to have a collection of my poetry published in book form. The book was titled Poetic Acceptance and, though less than polished, it was a collection of poems that included many pieces that I wrote in response to losing Alexis. It was published in May of last year, about the time I got pregnant with Nova.

The publishing process turned into a nightmare, one that I still can't seem to be done with. The publisher was less than honest, and I've spent many months trying to get the whole situation settled. I had reconciled myself that I had been cheated, and put it behind me, only to be contacted by email by the publisher again yesterday. In the emails we sent back and forth, I found out that they're still publishing my book (illegally, because the contract has expired, therefore, so have the publisher's publication rights) and that there are copies still being made and sold, and I receive none of that profit...

Long story short, it's been a mess, and despite my efforts to make them make things right, it just continues.

My only choice (since I can't afford to sue them, and it wouldn't be monetarily worth it to do so) is too just forget it and go on. I don't have the energy or motivation to fight the fight right now. I have other more important things on my mind.

But, I wanted to put a positive ending to it, so: I have 16 copies of Poetic Acceptance here at the house. I'm going to sell them at a discounted rate ($8 each + $1 s&h) and donating the sales to the Heart Walk. I know that the AHA site won't accept donations less than $25, and I figure $9 is more manageable, and will -if I sell all copies I have on hand- net another $128 for the Walk.

So if you're interested in buying a copy and supporting me in the Walk, use the Make a Donation button in the right sidebar, send $9 via Paypal, and make sure your mailing addy is included, and I'll send a copy out to you ASAP.

In case you want to read more backstory on the publishing debacle:
[more about the publishing mess]
[the latest from the publisher]
[a little more here]

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