Friday, August 25, 2006

As of the 16th - the day of the heart walk - Nova will be gone 5 months 12 days. Alexis will be gone 5 years 17 days. Weirdness in numbers, but then I see stuff in stuff where there really probably isn't any stuff to be seen at all. I mean, who cares about the double 5's, who cares that the difference between 12 and 17 is 5. There's no significance in the fact that Alexis lived 12 days, or that she was born on the 17th... right? I'm just being weird. Sort of like Nova and the 4's. He was my 4th son, lived 4 months and 4 days and died in the 4th month, he had 4 catheter procedures, and died 23 minutes after 4 o'clock, during our 4th visit to CVRU that day. None of it means a thing, right? Just me being weird.

So there are 21 days and $804 to go. Time is running out, and I'm beginning to prepare myself for not making it. It isn't like I'll be penalized or anything but I really want to hit that $3000 mark!

I'll come damn close, based on money that's pending and money that's coming and money that's promised. We'll see how close, I might still make it. Not giving up yet.

I've gotten quite a lot of new support recently, as far as people linking to me and spreading Nova's story. That's helped a little to get me out of the slump I've been in emotionally. I'm not feeling so great the last few weeks. It's a daily roller coaster, and I never really know what mood I'm going to be in from minute to minute. Plus there are frustrations from outside sources that are really effing with my head.
So I'm concentrating as much as I can on the Heart Walk and all the things I've got going, like the Photography Gift Certificate Raffle. That total so far is $15.00 (c'mon Charlotteans! Her work is awesome! And just ONE dollar gives you a chance to win $100 worth of photography services!)
Then there's Ryan's Blanket, which has a total so far of $10.00. Not much action on that either. At this point, Gretchen is the guaranteed winner there.

Speaking of Gretchen, she's still running her awesome yarn raffle.
The total so far on that is $130! So, with those 3 totals that's another $155 to go toward that $804 I'm lacking. By the way, all of those raffles end on the 1st, so if you want to enter the drawings for the yarn, the blanket or the gift certificate, there's only one week left to enter. The rest I'll just have to get by pimping out the link to my page(, and by hoping that I get some donation traffic through all the new links that have been put up on various blogs.

So, anyway, there's the rundown, and I'm just run down, so I'm going to go make everyone go to bed, even if I have to knock them out, because I need some quiet.

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