Sunday, August 27, 2006

I received an email this morning from Melissa who has been reading my main blog pretty much from day one. (It's been nearly 2 years for goodness sakes, I can't believe it!) And she's decided that she wants to get involved in my fundraising in a more direct way than the donation she made back in June (I remember because it was my step-daughter's birthday.)

so here's her idea.

I know time is winding down for the walk, and I wanted to see if if there was one last thing I could do to help.

I'm a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant. Basically, what this adds up to, is that I do in-home test-testing party of Tastefully Simple foods and food products. The stuff is delicious and ranges from spices, dip mixes, desserts, beer bread, soups, and more. You can check out for more information.

While I'm based in Texas, I think we could still work out a gift certificate winner.

This raffle is for a $15 gift certificate, good for Tastefully Simple gourmet foods from Melissa Gibson, Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant. After receiving notice, the winner will receive an order form and catalog in the mail. Simple fill out your order (and feel free to contact Melissa with any questions), subtract your $15 raffle gift certifcate, enclose a check (made out to Melissa Gibson) if order is greater than $15, and mail back in the self-addressed-stamped envelope supplied. Tastefully Simple offers a large variety of gift packs, and it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays! You can check out Tastefully Simple goods at

Basically, this is the same concept as the other raffles. You use the paypal button in the sidebar, making whatever sized donation you choose. For every dollar you donate, your name goes in the pot once. This one I'm going to extend right up to the last minute, I'm going to run this until 9/10 and really cut it close to the 9/11 deadline for having donations turned in. If there wouldn't be the appearance of impropriety, I'd join this one myself. This stuff looks good! I mean, the triple fudge brownie mix ... YUM!

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