Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yeah most of you don't know the story... back in the day I only blogged on my blogger blog. I had an extended group of friends though blogger. One of them was Gretchen. She was a friend of a friend, at first... She had a big family, and her baby girl was born just about 6 weeks after Nova. I found her blog and a picture of Lydia by accident, and it was true love at first sight. Lydia was such a gorgeous baby girl, the perfect future wife for Nova. I left a reply, jokingly saying that if I weren't so opposed to arranged marriages, I'd start making plans for their wedding. And a friendship was born. And because of the nature of our first meeting, she kept up with Nova's progress, and was heartbroken when he died.
And since his death she's been Team Nova's greatest supporter. But I've strayed totally off-topic.
I still ocassionally make my rounds through my blogger list, peek in on the friends I had there, despite the fact that I've really drifted away from the whole bunch. And tonight I made my rounds, reading blog after blog. And I hit Gretchen's blog. And her last post was about lydia. About Lydia's birthday actually. I was shocked to see that Lydia is 2 now. Two. As gorgeous as ever, with the sweetest little smile and blond curly hair and a nose that crinkles up when she smiles that smile that only a 2 year old can smile.
So Lydia is 2. That shouldn't be such a surprise. I knew in my head that she was 2. I mean, I knew Nova would have turned 2 in December, so obviously, Lydia would turn 2 in January. Right? So why am I so shocked and sad?
I guess seeing pictures of her at 2 brought it back that Nova SHOULD BE 2. Nova SHOULD BE smiling and crinkling his little nose up. Nova SHOULD have a head full of hair and an adorable little personality that shows up in pictures... It sort of reminded me. I'm not sad that Lydia is 2. I'm sad that Nova never will be.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank you Krystal and Brayden!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I was recently approached by someone I know... she runs a local organization and is looking for charities to work with for their next fiscal year... she asked me if Team Nova would be interested and wanted some more information about what Team Nova is and what we do.

Team Nova has taken on a bit of a life of it's own, which is pretty encouraging. Truthfully, we're no different or better than any other group that signs up with the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. But it's so important to us that I guess I tend to talk it up as if it's more than just another team. He was my son after all, I guess it's easy for me to feel as though it's bigger and more important, ya know?

Then today, I received a comment on Nova's Heart, and a Friend Request here on Myspace from a mother who lost her son last month. Landyn lived 2 months, and passed away the day after Nova's birthday. His mother Megan has just begun the journey - Just 6 weeks in... I'm sending her my thoughts and warmest wishes.

Anyway, because of these things, I was reminded that the old page was down because the 2007 fundraising event was over. But they usually start it back up for the new year in January, so today I went to see if they were accepting team sign ups yet. They are, and I signed up - set the team goal at $10,000, and despite the craziness in my life at the moment, I'm setting off to solicit donations and support again.

$10,000 is a pretty lofty goal, but I honestly think we can do it, because I'm dedicated to it. Because it's important to us and more important still to parents who will continue to face the devastation of Congenital Heart Defects until we raise the funds and awareness to do the research needed to understand and prevent them.

Want to support Team Nova? We'd appreciate your support.
  Click here to learn more and donate online, or print off a donation form and donate by mail!

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